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Special Glass Bottle Cutter Tool

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Description:  Bottle Cutter Tool

    Suitable For: 2mm to 8mm thick glass bottles(of diameter 5cm~10cm)

    Quantity: 1pc


    Step 1: Adjust the cutter

    Insert a glass bottle into the cutter and tighten the screw, make sure the cutting wheel can touch the bottle with pressure.

    Step 2: Cut a line on the bottle

    This is exactly same as making a score line when glass cutting. Using one hand rotate the cutter and another hand to keep the bottle sturdy.This will take practice if you have never used a cutter to cut glass before. Only cut around the bottle once.

    Step 3: Heat and cool the cutting line

    Flush the score line with cold and hot water alternately, till the glass bottle is separated.

    Step 4: Smooth the cutting line

    Smooth the cutting line with sandpaper.

    Package Includes:

    1 x Bottle Cutter

    Shipping : Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery (due to huge demand).

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