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Perfect Cake Slicer - 50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING

  • $1295


<< 1000 units available >>

Are you tired of UNEVEN CAKE SLICES? It's Annoying isn't it! Imagine purchasing an amazing cake or baking one and then it's ruined by horrible cake slices. What about all the finger marks all over the slices? You'll NEVER have to worry about that again!

  • 1 Cake Slicer 10.5'' x 1.5'' x 1.5'' made from Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic and Food Grade Silicone
  • Make your dessert presentation beautiful, avoid the cake from ending up on it's side
  • Perfect for all types of cakes
  • Perfect Cake Slices always, never have to worry about the kids complaining that someone got a bigger piece than them. Make it fair for everyone
  • Easy to clean and is 100% dishwasher safe! 
  • Shipping : Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery (due to huge demand).