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The real beauty of Chef’s 6-Piece Cosmos Series knife set is how well each knife performs!

** 800 sets available **

Your Chef’s 6-Piece Cosmos Series knife set is beautiful in every way — from the stunning color images of the universe on the stainless steel blades, to how well each knife is crafted, to how comfortable and secure you can grip the ergonomically designed handle, to how effortlessly they slice, cut, chop and pare thanks to the razor-sharp edge and non-stick coating.

All these beautiful qualities also make the Chef’s knife set the perfect gift — whether it’s for the holidays, or Mother’s Day, a wedding gift, Father’s Day, housewarming or any other reason to put beauty and style into someone’s life! And the set comes in an equally beautiful gift box that shows what great taste in gifts you have even before they open the box.

The full set of Chef’s knives covers all your cutting, chopping, slicing and paring needs — beautifully!

3.5” Paring Knife — The smallest knife in the set is perfectly sized and plain-edged for those intricate, delicate jobs such as coring a bell pepper, peeling garlic and dozens of other similar chores calling for a small blade.

5” Utility Knife — Ideally named, as this is among the most utilitarian of your Chef’s knives. Larger than the paring knife and smaller than the chef’s knife, the utility knife is made for tasks like slicing fruit and vegetables as well as cleanly sliced cheeses.

7” Santoku Knife — This could likely become the most versatile and most used knife in your Chef’s set. That’s because the razor-sharp edge is straighter than the one on the chef knife, but its razor-sharp edge is dimpled, which encourages slices of even the stickiest vegetables to slide right off.

8” Slicer Knife — This will serve perfectly as your meat-slicing knife of choice, as its blade and edge were designed to precisely cut meat, ham, roasts, fish or barbequed beef, pork and venison into smaller, even and thin slices.

8” Bread Knife — Don’t let the name mislead you, as this knife’s wavy blade edge enables it to effortlessly slice through almost any hard outer edge surface without crushing what’s below it. So besides its obviously being perfect for bread, this knife is equally ideal for tomatoes, flakey desserts and other similar hard outside/soft inside foods.

8” Chef Knife — A favorite knife among serious chefs, and when you start using it, you’ll know why. Chefs like the curved blade that lets them rock the blade edge on the cutting board for faster and more accurate cutting. Its length also makes it the choice for many cutting and slicing jobs, from fruits and vegetables, to meat, cheese and fish.

Our knives’ out of this world beauty is much more than skin deep! 
The beautiful pictures of the cosmos on each Chef’s knife blade serve as more than stunning decoration — they also create a remarkably slick, non-stick surface! So even if you’re slicing sticky vegetables, the slices glide right off the blade. The blades are made entirely of durable, high-quality stainless steel for strength and long life. Each edge is honed to a razor sharpness, to make all your chopping, slicing, cutting and paring chores that much easier. And the handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and a firm, solid grip to reduce your work even more.

Chef’s takes you to the stars, and also gives a beautiful way to protect and display your Chef’s knives!

Shipping : Please allow 8-10 days delivery (due to huge demand).

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